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where’s my fucking chocolate bunny? April 24, 2011

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sometimes i make reluctant choices. it’s like I sense it’s a bad choice, but the lack of ample processing time prohibits me from stopping and then i’m stuck. Oof vagueblogging .

I hate working holidays at the BEP. Easter is stupid. I mean, where’s my fucking chocolate bunny?

Pearl now has a working cd player AND a working ac! Boosh! getting shits fixed and shit.

nothing to sayyyyyy.


there is no there April 8, 2011

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so happy. I am so happy. It’s like I’ve finally realized how incredibly amazing my life is.

Also, I just had the strangest dreams. I need to stop watching Teen Mom, that trashy bitch is now haunting my dreams with her baby perils which makes me late to work :/

Jesus, I wish I could see The Books everyday of my life. The worst part was they stopped playing. absolutely stunning.

it’s just so good.


it’ll be alright. April 3, 2011

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my¬† life is so obviously a joke. At least it’s funny, right?