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one who is easily deceived; a dupe. March 19, 2011

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if I could have it back, all the time that we wasted, you know I’d love to waste it again.

Sucks that you’ve basically decided to not be my friend anymore. Sucks even more that you were, clearly, never really a friend anyways. some things in this life suck.

this isn’t all my responsibility. I feel like maybe one day you’ll tell me why we suddenly aren’t friends, don’t hang out, and don’t talk, but in the present you seem to have nothing to say to me. I feel like I seem mad. I’m not mad, but I can’t understand what I did that was so wrong. I’m bummed that we can’t/don’t hang out anymore, that there seems to be weird tension, and even more bummed because I think this is what our friendship is going to be or something. I suppose you’ll just go ahead and take all my other friends with you when you leave. boo, this time I didn’t even violate the platinum rule and I’m being punished.

I think I should come with a warning label or a disclaimer:  I’m probably not your person. In fact, because I’m such an asshole, most times, I know I’m not. You probably don’t know what I’m thinking or how I’m feeling, because I don’t even know that shit. I’ve got this thing that I consider my only art of fucking people over. I suck, suckaaa.



This day can fuck off.

i think there’s an itunes shuffle consipracy. This shit is never random-it’s always shit i’ve been shuffling through already, shit I don’t want to hear when I really want to hear something good, or some other shit that reminds me of other shit that I don’t want to think about.  I know there’s music I want to hear in there somewhere.

Also, I wish life was less confusing. I wish people were less confusing. Actually, I’d  even settle for just personally being less confusing/indecisive. I detest being confused, but alas, there is hope as this week has been full of mostly good times, two full days off, and plenty o’ nachos.

This has been in my head all day:


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