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I’m tired of listening to myself, yeah March 3, 2011

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This version could be better.


I can’t seem to ever be on time. I mean, I’m rarely late for important things. However, I’m not that person at the place super early or the person who is always 5 minutes early or even the person that casually strolls in right on time. Nope, I’m the person that flys in out of breath, without breakfast usually because breakfast was not even an option considering I  have sped the entire way to work and was lucky to even make it then. it’s a mystery to me how I’m so perpetually late. I think it’s morning. I hate morning. useless.

I drop everything. I trip over everything. I’m probably the most clusmy person in existence.

awkward. I’m also awkward.

Tickets for Of Montreal and The Books have been secured.


Just want to say- I appreciate the little luck that has been bestowed on my life and my sarcastic and self indulgent self takes little time to thank all the people that have helped me to exist. so uhh, thanks. livin’ tha dream (or rather a dream).



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