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I should make more time to nap. February 25, 2011

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my life is pretty bland. work, sleep, some trivia (for some reason this week I ended up at trivia a lot, despite the fact that I’m really not good at trivia for the most part), drink, more work, sleep, read, work, eat, drink, and probably some more work.

work work work. all I do is work. I’ve been on an old angsty music sort of kick lately. Mclusky, Alkaline Trio, Brand New, Misfits, Against Me!, Future of the Left and Thursday. Maybe, it’s the approach of summer that provokes me to take a look back at previous summer listens. Can’t really explain this much more than anything else that happens in my life. I feel like this post seems a little on the sad side- please re-assign to the melancholy/boredom category.

One of these days, it’s going to catch up to you, throwin’ looks like those around

The new Radiohead is good. I think this is my favorite:

I wish I still had this album.

So far I really like Philip Roth.


you never notice until you notice. February 2, 2011

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nothing to do with everything.

Top 10 songs to whistle:

10. ‘Goodbye Stranger,’ Supertramp (1979)

This album has always been sort of unique to me.  Maybe it’s because this album is one of my mom’s favorites-which is strange because Supertramp isn’t really a “favorite” sort of band. Nevertheless, still a great song to whistle to.

9. ‘Sissyneck’, Beck (1996)/ ‘The Moog and Me,’ Dick Hyman

Hard to believe this song came out in 1996. From Beck’s album ‘Odelay’, this song has a pretty catchy whistling part that can only be accredited to jazz pianist Dick Hyman. ‘Sissyneck’ is definitely not my favorite from this album, but the whistling part is easy to pick up and I suppose to be fair Beck deserves some credit for sampling Hyman.

8. ‘Let Me Roll It,’ Paul McCartney and Wings (1974)

I absolutely love this song. Even though this song is relatively melancholy in my opinion, it’s always been a favorite of mine.

7. ‘Always Look on the Bright Side of Life,’ Monty Python (1979)

‘Always Look on the Bright Side of Life’ was written by Eric Idle from the move Monty Python’s Life of Brian. Haven’t seen this movie in ages, just reminds me I should make a list of things to re-watch. Such a happy song-and catchy too.

6. ‘Billy Joel,’ The Stranger’ (1977)

‘The Stranger’ is Billy Joel’s top selling non-compilation album to date and definitely one of my favorites. I mean with ‘Only the Good Die Young’, this song, and ‘She’s Always a Woman’ how could you not love this album. Originally Billy Joel had asked his producer what to replace the whistling sound with, to which he (thankfully) replied nothing (thanks wikipedia). Good call.

5. ‘Caring is Creepy,’ The Shins (2001)

This is a personal favorite of my mine. I can’t listen to this album and not think of my junior year of high school, summer, and the ocean. Also, inevitably I think of Garden State, but I think I’m okay with that I actually liked that movie probably because of Natalie Portman, but that’s no matter. This song instantly brings a smile to my face and I can’t help but whistle along.

4. ‘Golden Years,’ Bowie (1975)

I always forget about this song, for shame because it’s sooo good. fact- Bowie is a bit of a character. fact-Bowie was a bit of a cocaine feign when this album was made. And really that’s okay with me because this album is amazing, Bowie can do whatever the fuck he wants (clearly), and this song is completely badass.

3. ‘Young Folks,’ PB&J (2006)

Can’t have a whistle countdown without some PB&J. For real though, this song is so incredibly easy to whistle to. In fact I usually end up whistling this song when I can’t think of another song to whistle. Actually, I’d even venture to say it’s my go-to whistle song. In spite of the obvious whistle appeal this song is great. The lyrics are good, PB&J are always good (in fact you should check out their new album and they were on Conan last night), and ‘Young Folks’ will always bring a smile to my face when I hear it.

2. ‘Two of Us,’ Beatles (1970)

This list would also not be complete without a Beatles song. Although, choosing the right one was quite a task and instead of going for the obvious Lennon’s ‘Jealous Guy’ or even something catchy such as ‘Help’ I think ‘Two of Us’ is a much better pick. There’s a bit of a discrepancy as to who actually wrote this song, even though Paul takes the credit and Lennon of course claims to outside sources he wrote the song. Oh well, still a favorite.

1. ‘Home’-Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros (2009)

Alright kids-Drum roll please! We are down to the number one best song to whistle to! Although, Alex Ebert failed to wow or amaze me in Imarobot his work with the Magnetic Zeros is much, much more impressive. I know what you’re thinking…wow, this chick has a strange obsession with Edward Sharpe and his delightful Magnetic Zeros, and frankly you might be right, but to be fair this song does have an amazing whistling portion that’s guaranteed to get stuck and terrorize your brain for days if not weeks. Despite the fact that this song is ridiculously catchy it is also really sweet and definitely worth a whistle or two!

You wish you had this sort of talent: