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Sometimes I feel so happy, Sometimes I feel so sad, Sometimes I feel so happy, but mostly you just make me mad January 20, 2011

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Ever had a day that was determined to bring you down?

There was no one thing today that made me feel so bummed just a combination of bullshit that made it suck. Honestly, I’m not sure if it’s better to have a lot of little things ruin your day or rather one HUGE thing that destroys it all at once. It’s like the slap bet episode of How I Met Your Mother would you rather 10 slaps in the face in a row or 5 slaps at random whenever the person chooses?

Anyways, I think that this day was just a bummer. A day where everyone reminded you of your faults, percerverience to be happy was no matter, and people just said all the wrong things at all the wrong time. No one likes to consistently be reminded of their mistakes. In fact, I find it a bit on the unfair side that everyone seems to know so much about my business and yet I have little to retaliate with. This is why I don’t share and I appreciate everyone who is more than willing to share for me. gossip always so much gossip.

I guess I’ve made my bed and I can’t fall asleep in it. And that’s fine.

In fact life is just fine. Despite bad days and utter lack of privacy in my life. This life is fine. I don’t make decisions that I cannot be proud or own up to, so at least there’s that. I guess I still retain a little bit of pride despite the fact that my life is a public pea display almost always at my expense.

I’m trying not to be catty. I am trying to look the other way, turn the other cheek, pretend I don’t hear your sexist and rude comments, I do try. I am a patient person and all the while you disrepect, insult, and mess with me you just make yourself look so much worse than my retailaition ever could. So please continue to make an ass of yourself, this way I don’t have to do it for you.

On a side note: My patience with you is running thin and while I would love to maintain an air of nonchalance in your presence I have had enough. I wish you’d just get a clue and fuck off for good.

Moral of the story-I need a new job pronto. One that pays me more to do the least of amount of work possible. Also, NEVER forget the platinum rule.


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