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Clueless. November 23, 2010

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Sometimes I just cannot possibly fathom why people behave in the manner that they do.

I wish I could be better at getting over some things. I just can’t seem to legitimize the actions of some people. It’s like they systematically ruin all the good and important moments in my life and I am somehow supposed to compensate for the loss by excusing their actions and writing it off as being the bigger person. Mostly, I am tired of this situation and the way that it makes me feel.

Oh well, there are other great people willing to be a part of my life and for them I am thankful.

I feel like I have a million things standing between me and graduation. This feeling is fucking terrifying so many things due so little time. I feel this way every year around Thanksgiving-the end of semester panic. Next Thanksgiving will be different and hopefully I won’t be working at the BEP.

Here’s a sorta realistic goal: Next Thanksgiving I want to eat an embarassing amount of food (family presence is negotiable) at a table with nice people and fresh flowers, I want to watch the parade, and I want to see some football. I want to drink beer, eat pumpkin pie, and later fall asleep (pass out) on the couch. My only other demand: none of this food can be supplied by the BEP

That would truly be the life.

Bought my cap and gown today. I am so ready to be done, so ready in fact I’m no longer worried or scared, just ready to have time again. I miss time. Time to do things I like to do instead of things I have to do. Time to eat, sleep, and run. Ohhh man, I can’t wait until time is on my side again.

This day warrants a drink!


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