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if you go searchin for rhyme or for reason July 30, 2010

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then have you won’t have time for talkin’. it’s a sad lonesome cold world.

It’s over now, no returnin’, a thousand bridges sadly burnin’ that light the way I’ll have to walk alone, come tomorrow.

alright, I’m off to regain my purpose.

p.s. started working out again and I love strawberry poptarts.


these walls are paper thin July 29, 2010

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and everyone hears every little sound.

I’m tryin to drink away the part of the day I cannot sleep away.

I liked you after one conversation.

I gotta get you into my life.

I refuse to be tricked this time. I refuse to rationalize the irrational in my head, only to allow it to turn into something completely outrageous. I’m listening to what I think.


You need something for which to care July 8, 2010

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I don’t really know what to think about this. In fact, I don’t know what I think at all. I can’t not think about it though. I can’t not think of senseless arguments-in which you actually kept up. I can’t help remembering the sarcasm. I can’t help thinking how bad of an idea this thinking business is.

I just feel something electric.  Maybe, for once I just can’t help it.